We couldn’t put RAGT on without the generosity of our amazing sponsors — and there are so many ways to be a sponsor! Opportunities include:

  • Sponsoring a boardroom, where you can create your own breakout schedule that compliments, but does not conflict with, the main activities (meals, booksignings, etc…) of the event.
  • Sponsor a Meal/Party! Authors or publishers sponsoring a party or meal will get additional promotion on the RAGT website, the RAGT Facebook page, at the event – as well as the gratitude of all attendees.
  • Sponsorship does not need to be huge! Other sponsorship ideas include: BN gift cards, cash sponsorship, etc…

We are always accepting sponsorship proposals for parties, and for some meals. If it happens that we are full up for the current event (i.e., there are only so many meals to account for!), we’d still be happy to note that you are interested in case changes occur. Plus there are often other, comparable ways to sponsor that Lori can suggest to you!

Have an idea for a sponsorship? Send it in!

Thanks to these #RAGT18 sponsors:

Click here for a list of last year’s very appreciated sponsors →

Individual Sponsors and Contributors

Discretionary Cash Sponsors:
Sponsors of Specific Items:

PLEASE NOTE: All authors & publishers are free to donate books and promo to go in the goody bags, and/or raffle prizes to be included in our amazing raffles. Goody bag items and raffle baskets are not considered sponsored items.

Boardroom Sponsors

Each Boardroom will have its own hour-by-hour schedule for the whole event. Below each Boardroom, see links for individual schedules.

Detailed Boardroom schedules will also be available at the event itself.

Find out more about RAGT Boardrooms →

  • GLENDALE (Author Boardroom):Reader Appreciation Room!
    Join Jayne Rylon, Catherine Beaumont, Ann Mayburn & Amy J. Hawthorn
    Come relax and hang out in a room designed with our fans in mind. We’d love to get to know you better. Pull up a seat to chat, bling your badge, play a game, color a book cover or spin the prize wheel. Our books, reading-themed T-shirts, and jewelry will also be on sale all weekend. Feel free to shop and get your books autographed without waiting in line at the signings!
    Glendale Schedule→

  • MONROE (Author Boardroom): The Readers Lounge!
    Join Alanea Alder
    A laid back atmosphere for our readers where they can relax. There will be a coffee and tea bar available so that everyone can caffeinate and enjoy the multiple opportunities for shenanigans. Boardroom Schedule will include; Bewitched and Bewildered QA, Self Publishing workshops, Geek slumber parties and much more. Don’t hesitate to swing by, pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy a quieter get together with your fellow book-a-holics.
    Monroe Schedule Coming Soon →

  • MADISON (Author Boardroom): The Hero Zone!
    Join Erin McCarthy, Jennifer Bernard, Erin Nicholas & Carly Phillips
    Join us to play popular games that focus on your favorite guys (both real and fictional!) like Kiss, Marry, Kill and Blind Date With a Hero. Q&A with the authors and a sneak peek at what’s new in 2018.
    Madison Schedule Coming Soon →

  • LIBERTY (Publisher Boardroom): Entangled Summer Carnival!
    Here at Entangled we believe everyone should have a bit of fun with their romance. Come join the carnival fun with Pintip Dunn, Stefanie London, Cindi Madsen, Heather McCollum, Tee O’Fallon, who will be in the Entangled Boardroom during all of RAGT for Hunky Bingo, games, crafts, and oh so much more! Step right up, and walk away a winner! Also, join staff, Katie Clapsadl and Editorial Director, Tera Cuskaden, for a good time, including pitches with Tera! .
    Liberty Schedule→

  • SHARONVILLE – 122 (Author Boardroom): Romancelandia!
    Let the shenanigans begin! Join contemporary and romantic suspense authors Avery Flynn, Teri Stanley, Regina Kyle and Kimberly Kincaid for fun and games like Dirty Doodles (our slightly off-color version of Pictionary), Book Cover Bingo, Mad for Love (Mad Libs using scenes from our books), and last year’s popular Acting Out, where YOU get to be the hero or heroine in a romance novel. Plus Q&A with the authors and prizes. Leave your inhibitions at the door and come prepared to laugh!
    Sharonville Schedule Coming Soon →

  • SPRINGDALE – 123 (Author Boardroom):
    Scarsdale Publishing—where imagination has no limits!
    Join us for lots of fun, laughter and prizes. Get to know Scarsdale Publishing authors Tarah Scott, Summer Hanford, Erin Rye and Alexandrea Lane. Learn about their novels, along with many other exciting Scarsdale books. Also, join Scarsdale editors for pitches!
    Springdale Schedule Coming Soon →

  • HAMILTON – 124 (Author Boardroom): The Danger Zone!
    Where More than Hearts are at Risk. Join Romantic Suspense Authors KaLyn Cooper, Monette Michaels, Rachel Rivers & Mary Ann Jordan for a weekend of seduction and suspense. Play their murder mystery for prizes and fun.
    Hamilton Schedule Coming Soon →

  • FAIRFIELD – 125 (Author Boardroom): Keeper Book Author Boardroom!
    We’re baaaack! Come on a wild and crazy ride with the Keeper Book Authors. This year we return with our famous interactive events that will have you rolling on the floor laughing or running out the door screaming. And who knows maybe there will be more fur flying! Join NYT bestselling author Dianna Love, along with USAT bestsellers, Jodi Vaughn, Eric Asher and Hildie McQueen for what we like to refer to as a true literary experience (snicker)
    Fairfield Schedule Coming Soon →

You and some friends want to sponsor together? Great! Four authors max for group sponsorship of boardrooms. Thanks.

Meal & Party Sponsors

Everyone comes together at the meals and parties. It’s a great sponsorship opportunity and fills up quickly every year!

Thursday Evening Party
Sponsored by Julie Moffett, Avery Flynn, Victoria Vane & Laura Kaye

Birthday Suit Party

Dress for the year of your birthday! No, don’t come naked — dress in the year of your birthday! We will have a Decade Dance Off, fun prizes and music from across the decades.

Friday Breakfast
Sponsored by Tawdra Kandle, Violet Howe, Sloane Savage & Alexis Anne

Alice In Wonderland Breakfast!

We’re All Mad Here…
Jump down the rabbit hole with us and start your day off right, or left, or upside down. We won’t make you name your six impossible things before breakfast, but we’re giving away free e-books in four different genres as well as a raffle basket or two. Don’t miss out!

Friday Lunch
Sponsored by Morgan Malone, Gracie Guy, Melanie Jayne & Judy Kentrus

Seasoned Romance Meal!

We all have written romances with the Main Characters over 35 and we all belong to the FaceBook Group, Seasoned Romance.

Friday Dinner
Sponsored by Karen Rose

Murder She Ate!

Friday Party
Sponsored by Lora Leigh & Gennita Low

Saturday Breakfast
Sponsored by Lexi Post, Donna Michaels, Tiffani Lynn & Victoria Vane

Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

We will be giving away a piece of Tiffany jewelry to one lucky attendee (must be present to win).

Saturday Lunch
Sponsored by Tina Desalvo, Ella Quinn & Kathy Lyons

We Love Them All!

Saturday Dinner
Compliments of the The Marriott

Pizza Party!

Our amazing hotel is sponsoring a pizza party with a variety of pizzas, veggies and dip, chips and colas. Casual, comfortable and tasty!

Saturday Evening Party
Sponsored by Jenn Stark, Elizabeth Bemis & Jessica Lemmon

Pajama Party Bingo!

Back by popular demand–and now with the added appeal of Bingo in your PJs!! Get ready to win big, have fun, and shout at the top of your lungs at the 3nd Annual Booklovers’ Bingo Bash! Players wearing PJs (Family Friendly Only!) are welcome with special prizes awarded, along with giveaways and prizes for Bingo winners!

Sponsor Squares

As an added bonus for high-level sponsorship, Lori will request a square promo image from you so we can show you off around this site.

Here’s how it works:

Around this site are small sections like the two examples directly below. Each section features four 144x144px images. Go ahead and refresh the page. Notice how the Sponsor Squares changed around, and how each set is different? That’s because the ad sections are randomly pulling four images from a pool of Sponsor Squares. When there aren’t many in the pool, the impressions will be more frequent. When there are more in the pool, the impressions will be fewer.

Thanks to these #RAGT18 sponsors:

Thanks to these #RAGT18 sponsors:

Things to note:


Since this is not run through an ad server, we can’t provide stats on how many impressions and click-thrus achieved — it’s not that we won’t do it, it’s that we can’t. We will not have that data to provide.


Lori will prompt you for your art, and send you the link to this section on the site. Reply to that email with your Sponsor Square attached, after you have made sure that your art complies with the two guidelines below:

1) The image is created in RGB, and is no smaller than 300px square. This will ensure that the ad looks nice on retina screens.

2) The file name is something that will be logical to us. If you save the file as “RAGT-ad.jpg” please think for a moment how confusing that will be for us if even two people to that. We suggest putting the name that is associated with the ad into the file name. So if your ad is for Jane Author, your file name could be something like janeauthor-ragt-ad.jpg, or even just jane-author.jpg. Thanks. Failure to do this will significantly delay getting your ad into the pool of ads displaying.

When you in your Sponsor Square, make sure to include the URL you’d like that image to link to. Please don’t assume we know you want to link to your home page.


Thanks to these #RAGT18 sponsors:

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