We couldn’t put RAGT on without the generosity of our amazing sponsors — and there are so many ways to be a sponsor! Opportunities include:

  • Sponsoring a boardroom, where you can create your own breakout schedule that compliments, but does not conflict with, the main activities (meals, booksignings, etc…) of the event.
  • Sponsor a Meal/Party! Authors or publishers sponsoring a party or meal will get additional promotion on the RAGT website, the RAGT Facebook page, at the event – as well as the gratitude of all attendees.
  • Sponsorship does not need to be huge! Other sponsorship ideas include: BN gift cards, cash sponsorship, etc…

We are always accepting sponsorship proposals for parties, and for some meals. If it happens that we are full up for the current event (i.e., there are only so many meals to account for!), we’d still be happy to note that you are interested in case changes occur. Plus there are often other, comparable ways to sponsor that Lori can suggest to you!

Have an idea for a sponsorship? Send it in!

Thanks to these #RAGT20 sponsors:

Individual Sponsors and Contributors

Discretionary Cash Sponsors:
Sponsors of Specific Items:

PLEASE NOTE: All authors & publishers are free to donate books and promo to go in the goody bags, and/or raffle prizes to be included in our amazing raffles. Goody bag items and raffle baskets are not considered sponsored items.

Boardroom Sponsors

Each Boardroom will have its own hour-by-hour schedule for the whole event. Below each Boardroom, see links for individual schedules.

Detailed Boardroom schedules will also be available at the event itself.

Find out more about RAGT Boardrooms →

Many of you are already at the hotel, awaiting our regularly scheduled activities, but until announcements are made in the ballroom on Thursday at 6:00pm, drop into one of the listed rooms to visit with authors, grab some swag, join a bookclub, take photos, meet up with other attendees – and just have fun with a fast and loose schedule that depends on YOU and what you want.

  • SPRINGDALE (Bookclub Boardroom):
    Sugarbook Club
    Sugarbook Club is a group of hilarious women passionate about the romance novels we all love. We welcome everyone and their opinions as we discuss All Fired Up and The Somerset Girls, the latest novels by our wonderful hostess, Lori Foster. We’ll have games (hint: get your markers and good luck charms ready, and remember to phrase your answer as a question), prizes, and the all-important discussion. The games we will be playing will come from Toxic Game by Christine Feehan, All Fired Up and The Somerset Girls. If you’ve ever hung out with us, you know we never stick to just one specific book; we love to read and talk about romance novels. We most definitely will talk about something we are loving and we’re always looking for something new to read. Readers, Authors, Publishers…..come hang out with the ladies of Sugarbook and let’s talk about some S.M.U.T (Sexy Magical Unforgettable Tales)

    We have only ONE rule….We would request that you read at least 100 pages of the book(s) to help with the discussion and game participation. If you aren’t able to read, don’t let that discourage you from hanging out with us. You may be inspired to pick up something we recommend – because other books will be discussed – if we nothing else is done, you will at least make a new friend. Smooches. 💋

    Any questions, us.


  • GLENDALE (Author Boardroom):
    Celebrating Our Heroes
    Contemporary romance and romantic suspense authors Stacey Joy Netzel, Donna Marie Rogers and PJ Fiala would love for you to join us as we CELEBRATE OUR HEROES.

    Games with prizes:
    *Who Do You Think She Is?

    *Decorate a toiletry bag (to be donated to our veteran's and their families at Fisher House WI)
    *Bookmark decorating

    Come for an hour, or stay for the day. You'll have fun either way!

    Glendale Thursday Schedule→

  • SHARONVILLE (Author Boardroom):
    Christmas Crafting & Coloring Fun
    Join Annie Rains, Cari Lynn Webb and Melinda Curtis for two sessions, starting with a Small Town Christmas Affair. Is June too soon to make Christmas ornaments? Annie, Cari, and Melinda don’t think so. Join them for crafting and laughter. Crafty skill not required.

    Or take part in “Color a Hero” fun! You're never too old to play with dolls! Design and color your very own hero and heroine paper dolls, and give them their own happily ever after!


    Friday & Saturday

    • MADISON (Author Boardroom):
      Book World Travel Agency Book It & Escape With Us
      Grab your passport during the first session Friday morning and escape into books with KaLyn Cooper, Rachel Rivers, Abbie Zanders and Becca Jameson. Get your passport stamped - and win prizes - by attending workshops, arts and crafts, fun and games, all weekend. Find the authors “in the wild” for additional passport stamps. Fill your passport and be entered to win grand prizes. Books will be available for purchase and signing throughout the weekend, no need to stand in line.

      Madison Schedule →

    • MONROE (Author Boardroom):
      Sci-Fi Horror and Urban Fantasy!
      Come join J.Z. Foster and Justin M. Woodward for a boardroom filled with games, monsters, and books! Feel free to ask us anything and take pictures if you like.

      Monroe Schedule→

    • GLENDALE (Author Boardroom):
      Tina DeSalvo's Reader-Palooza Boardroom!
      Join the fun, where the activities are planned for YOU, the Reader! There will be Reader-Palooza games, Book-Palooza Arts & Crafts (awesome souvenirs to take home!) and a lot of LAUGHTER-Palooza excitement! All this is topped off with an extraordinary amount of AWESOME-Palooza DOOR PRIZES drawn throughout the day!!!

      All that fun and excitement gets AMPED UP because Tina has invited some of your favorite authors to join the activities!! Their names are a Hidden-Palooza secret that will be posted at the BOARDROOM door during the weekend.

      “I look forward to being with y’all for a READER-Palooza great time”
      Tina DeSalvo

      Glendale Schedule→

    • LIBERTY (Author Boardroom):
      Readers Rule!
      Come relax and hang out away from the crowd with Jayne Rylon, Amy J. Hawthorn and Lila Dubois, where readers rule. We'd love to get to know you better. Pull up a seat to chat, bling your badge, play a game, color a book cover or spin the prize wheel. Our books and reading-themed T-shirts will also be on sale all weekend. Feel free to shop and get your books autographed without waiting in line at the signings!

      Liberty Schedule→

    • SHARONVILLE (Author Boardroom):
      Welcome to Romancelandia!
      Travel beloved scenic roads and explore new worlds in Romancelandia with contemporary romance authors Regina Kyle, Stefanie London, Naima Simone and Priscilla Oliveras. We'll have fun and games with old favorites like Dirty Doodles (our slightly off-color version of Pictionary), Titillating Taboo (our romance-oriented version of the classic card game), and Book Cover Bingo, as well as new adventures playing games like the singing sensation Encore (don't worry, you don't have to actually sing well) and Build A Romance, where you, the readers, write a romance one sentence at a time--without seeing almost all of what's already been written! Plus Q&A, lots of prizes, and more laughs then you can shake a paperback at.

      Sharonville Schedule →

    • SPRINGDALE (Author Boardroom):
      Seasoned Romance Boardroom 2020
      We're all about sexy silver foxes and the strong, independent women who tame them. Drop by for coffee or tea (and Lindt chocolates!) with Morgan Malone, Gracie Guy, Judy Kentrus and Lucinda Race as we celebrate love stories with men and women over 35. Enjoy games, craft projects, a movie and Bingo while we discuss new books and upcoming projects. Our books are available for purchase in the Boardroom, or you can grab some swag and take a fun photo with George Clooney, Idris Elba and Dwayne Johnson! Remember...you're not 21 any longer, maybe your book boyfriend shouldn't be either!

      Springdale Schedule→

    • HAMILTON (Publisher Boardroom):
      Entangled Summer Carnival
      At Entangled, romance reigns supreme. Come join the fun! Play exciting games with Ophelia London, Sasha Summers, and Abigail Owen, who will be in the Entangled boardroom during all of RAGT for Hunky Bingo, games, crafts, and oh so much more. Come one come all, step right up, and walk away a winner!

      Also, join staff, Katie Clapsadl and Heather Riccio, as well as hubby entertainer, Pius Clapsadl, as your hosts. Plus our author guests: Jessica Lemmon, Regina Kyle, Stefanie London, & Naima Simone!

      Hamilton Schedule→

    You and some friends want to sponsor together? Great! Four authors max for group sponsorship of boardrooms. Thanks.

    Meal & Party Sponsors

    Everyone comes together at the meals and parties. It's a great sponsorship opportunity and fills up quickly every year!

    Wednesday Party
    Sponsored by Lori Foster

    Early Bird Party!

    The following authors plan to attend the Wednesday “meet and greet.” There’ll be time to chat and take photos, and some of the authors have individual activities planned. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

    Choice of hot and cold hors d’oeuvre with iced tea and lemonade. Bartender available also.

    Lori Foster
    D. Renee Bagby
    Toni Blake
    Stephanie Burke
    Melinda Curtis
    PJ Fiala
    J.Z. Foster
    Gracie Guy
    Summer Hanford
    Becca Jameson
    Melanie Jayne
    Judy Kentrus
    Morgan Malone
    Nancy Naigle
    Stacey Joy Netzel
    Abigail Owen
    Constance Phillips
    Lucinda Race
    Heather Slade
    Lauren Smith
    Jenn Stark
    Sasha Summers
    RaeAnne Thayne
    Cari Lynn Webb
    Justin M. Woodward
    Wendi Zwaduk

    Thursday Evening Party
    Sponsored by Sheila English

    Modern Gothic

    From steampunk to classic monsters, modern day Maleficent to ghostly heroines and heroes with a touch of the unexpected from today. Costume contest and fabulous prizes!

    Snack on chips and pretzels with iced tea. Bartender available also.

    Friday Breakfast
    Sponsored by Melinda Curtis, Annie Rains & Cari Lynn Webb


    Check out Annie, Cari, and Melinda’s Small Town Bed & Breakfast! Stop in for breakfast, play their “Plot a Romance” game, and you could go home with a prize! They’ve got swag for everyone, prizes for jammies/sleep accessories (PG only please!) and creative readers.

    Continental breakfast with bacon & eggs.

    Friday Lunch

    Taco bar. Assorted toppings for chicken or beef tacos. Fresh salsa & chips. Spanish rice, refried beans. Assorted cookies, coffee and tea.

    Friday Dinner

    Chef’s American Buffet. Fried chicken, vegetable lasagna, roast redskin potatoes, vegetable, salad, rolls and butter. Assorted pies and cakes, coffee and tea.

    Friday Party
    Sponsored by Jules Bennett & Jessica Lemmon

    Monte Carlo Night

    Glamour, Glitz & Games
    Break out your feather boa and your bling!
    Join Jules Bennett & Jessica Lemmon for a fun night of casino games, DJ and dancing, fun prizes, and a cash bar!

    Suggested attire:
    Black & white clothing, costume jewelry, feathers & elbow gloves. (Have fun with it!)

    Saturday Breakfast
    Sponsored by PJ Fiala, Stacey Joy Netzel & Donna Marie Rogers


    No awkward morning after here…Stacey, PJ, and Donna have the cure for your book party hangover with fun & games to kick off your Saturday!

    Continental breakfast with bacon & eggs.

    Saturday Lunch

    Deli Bar. Soup du Jour, potato salad, pasta salad, seasonal greens with assorted dressing. Sliced ham, roast beef, turkey, Swiss and American cheese, specialty breads, kettle chips, relish tray. Assorted cookies, coffee and tea.

    Saturday Dinner
    Compliments of the The Marriott

    Pizza Party!

    Pizza Party. Assorted pizzas, potato chips, pretzels, and dips. Vegetable crudité with ranch dip. Assorted sodas & water station.

    Saturday Evening Party
    Sponsored by Jenn Stark & Toni Blake

    5th Annual Booklovers’ Bingo & Pajama Party

    Don’t pack your PJ’s too early! Join us for the 5th Annual Booklovers’ Bingo Bash and get ready to win big, have fun, and shout at the top of your lungs! Players wearing PJs (Family Friendly Only!) are welcome with special prizes awarded, along with giveaways and prizes for Bingo winners.

    Sponsor Squares

    As an added bonus for high-level sponsorship, Lori will request a square promo image from you so we can show you off around this site.

    Here's how it works:

    Around this site are small sections like the two examples directly below. Each section features four 144x144px images. Go ahead and refresh the page. Notice how the Sponsor Squares changed around, and how each set is different? That's because the ad sections are randomly pulling four images from a pool of Sponsor Squares. When there aren't many in the pool, the impressions will be more frequent. When there are more in the pool, the impressions will be fewer.

    Thanks to these #RAGT20 sponsors:

    Thanks to these #RAGT20 sponsors:

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    Since this is not run through an ad server, we can't provide stats on how many impressions and click-thrus achieved --- it's not that we won't do it, it's that we can't. We will not have that data to provide.


    Lori will prompt you for your art, and send you the link to this section on the site. Reply to that email with your Sponsor Square attached, after you have made sure that your art complies with the two guidelines below:

    1) The image is created in RGB, and is no smaller than 300px square. This will ensure that the ad looks nice on retina screens.

    2) The file name is something that will be logical to us. If you save the file as "RAGT-ad.jpg" please think for a moment how confusing that will be for us if even two people do that. We suggest putting the name that is associated with the ad into the file name. So if your ad is for Jane Author, your file name could be something like janeauthor-ragt-ad.jpg, or even just jane-author.jpg. Thanks. Failure to do this will significantly delay getting your ad into the pool of ads displaying.

    When you send in your Sponsor Square, make sure to include the URL you'd like that image to link to. Please don't assume we know you want to link to your home page.


    Thanks to these #RAGT20 sponsors:

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