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This page is full of info helpful to RAGT’s author participants.

Stay in the know!

Don’t Miss an Email:

We highly advise you to set your email filters to accept all mail coming from as well as from Lori will regularly send out author-specific messages to registered attending authors–you don’t want to miss anything!

If you find you are not receiving Lori’s RAGT ‘group’ messages, please contact the RAGT Tech Team (and include as much info as you can for faster troubleshooting, please).

Please note: Guidelines for promo materials

• Do not overly occupy your space–we have a lot of authors and everyone needs elbow room!
• Even though there are no paper promos allowed in goody bags, you can still hand out bookmarks or postcards at your signing area.
• Sorry, but author posters are prohibited. No exceptions. Thanks.

Book Fairs

Authors, if you have questions about the signing (seating space, how it works, what to expect, etc), please email , our book fair coordinator, and put #RAGT24 in the subject line.

Book Sales

Our bookseller will be Author, Author!

Traditionally published authors:

Author, Author will have an on-site bookstore at the event and will also have your books available for pre-order on the Author, Author website prior to the event. Laura with Author, Author will be in touch with you soon to see which books you would like to have available at the event.

All authors:

Only registered authors can participate in the Book Fairs.

We love that authors are enthusiastic, but in order to sign, you have to be registered — even if you are only coming in for the book fair. And sorry, but no, we have no way to offer a reduced registration fee to authors coming in only for the book fair.

Yes, you can be your own bookstore!

Authors may bring their books to sell at their author table (don't forget change for your transactions!) With WiFi available, YOU can be your own bookstore.


Space is limited for banners. Only those banners purchased through the event may be displayed, with the exception of boardrooms, but they must keep their banners at their boardroom site.

If you display your banner throughout the weekend, there will be no refunds. If anyone has a problem with a banner it needs to be mentioned before it is left on display.

Contact prior to creating your banner design!

Cost: $275

Note: Image size requirement for 2024. 33” x 81” with 150dpi jpg or pdf

Authors supply the artwork and the event prints and displays them. After the event, authors may keep their banners but the banner stands belong to the event.

Cutoff date to receive artwork: May 5th.

*Need help with your design? We work with from Florida Girl Design and she does beautiful work! Her cost is $60 and I highly recommend her.
See Robin's work on her website or visit her Facebook.

Goody Bags

Hundreds of Goody Bags get handed out,  but only those items that meet the specific guidelines can be included. What can and can't be included? Where should you send the stash? By when do your items need to be received?

Don't forget to review our current policy for contributing to the always-fabulous RAGT Goody Bags!

We are no longer taking paper products for the goodybags. If you’d like to donate to the goodybag it must be something other than paper products. You can still hand out bookmarks or postcards at your signing area.

Promotion & Advertising

At the Event:

Remember that we are no longer taking paper products for goody bags. Any paper promo items you have can be handed out during the book fairs.

Check out the current Goody Bags guidelines →

On this Site:

As soon as registration begins, you can start promoting your books on this site! Every year, readers ask which books will be available. Now authors can let them know in advance so readers can get their books personalized at the event. It’s a terrific way for authors to add name recognition and to get readers geared up!

Here's how it works:

Around this site are small sections like the two examples directly below. Each section features four 144x144px ads. Go ahead and refresh the page. Notice how the ads changed around, and how each set is different? That's because the ad sections are randomly pulling four images from a pool of images. When there aren't many ads, the impressions will be more frequent. When there are more ads submitted and therefore more in the pool, the impressions will be fewer. However, the thought is that as ads are added to the pool, we are getting closer to the event and page views are increasing, culminating with ads displaying on the schedule page (possibly in more than one spot) during the event -- a page that is hit A LOT during the event weekend and in the days leading up.

Thanks to these #RAGT24 sponsors:

Why isn't the image book cover shaped?
Now that we are firmly in the world of digital publishing, the aspect ratios of book covers vary quite a bit. The non-techie reason for this involves size and readability. The techie reason involves code and the requirement that all images be precisely the exact same aspect ratio. See above about book covers being all over the place. Squares it is. Have fun with Photoshop!

Here's what it costs:

The price for RAGT24 promo squares remains $80 for the whole event year. The event year for these purposes goes from registration-time to registration-time — a full year (almost) for pre-registration, and about 10 months for regular registration.

Payment for these ads is via PayPal only. Since it's necessarily automated there really isn't any other way.

Sometime late next fall we'll archive all the current year's ads out of rotation and put them all on an archived page containing the list of authors who attended this event — that will remain on the site. At that point we will reset the pool of these small square ads, and start taking ad orders again. Depending upon how well this is received, our offerings next year may change, or maybe not.

All proceeds from the ads will be incorporated into the running of the RAGT event.

Please note: We are not responsible for authors who cancel; fee is non-refundable.

Things to note:


At a certain point we will have hit the cap of 40 ads, so your chance of making it onto any given page on this site is never less than 1 in 10. And it will appear on several pages. Once we hit 40, we will close the form.


Since this is not run through an ad server, we can't provide stats on how many impressions and click-thrus your ad achieved --- it's not that we won't do it, it's that we can't. We will not have that data to provide.


We are not structured for ads to be emailed. There is only one way we can receive ads and that is through the form on this page -- and if the form is closed, then either we haven't opened ad sales for the year yet, or our cap has been reached. If you don't see the form, then either you are too early or too late and there really, truly is no way to squeeze you in. Please don't make us feel badly by asking.

Before filling out the Ad Form you will need to have made sure that your art complies with the  guidelines below:

1) The image is created in RGB, and is no smaller than 300px square. This will ensure that the ad looks nice on retina screens.

2) The file name is something that will be logical to us. If you save the file as "RAGT-ad.jpg" please think for a moment how confusing that will be for us if even two people to that. We suggest putting the name that is associated with the ad into the file name. So if your ad is for Jane Author, your file name could be something like janeauthor-ragt-ad.jpg, or even just jane-author.jpg. Thanks. Failure to do this will significantly delay getting your ad into the pool of ads displaying.

3) Your jpg has been uploaded to the web. When you submit the ad, you are submitting merely an image URL — please check that the image address ends with either .jpg or .png as nothing else will be able to be accepted. And due to our low overhead on these, mis-submitted ad art will not display, even if the promo square has been paid for, so it's really important that these guidelines are followed.

UPSHOT: you  need to upload it somewhere for us to grab it.

When you fill out the form, we will ask for four things:

  1. Your name, email... that stuff
  2. The image URL
  3. The URL you'd like that image to link to

Thanks for jumping through all these hoops -- we're volunteer-run, so the more complete we make submission, the better it is for everyone.


Submit Your Ad in Two Steps:

Step 1:

Provide your name, contact info, and your ad's info.

    Your Name

    Your Contact Email

    URL for Ad Graphic

    URL for Ad Click-through (this should be different than the above URL)

    Please help us combat spam.
    This next question helps prove that you are a real person and not a spam bot:


    Step 2:

    Make a Secure Payment Through PayPal:

    Contact email address used above

    After you submit your payment you will arrive at a payment confirmation page.

    Within a week of submission you will see your ad appear somewhere in the grid in the Books to Anticipate section. If you do not see it there after a week of payment confirmation, please contact the RAGT team, specifying RAGT Payment queries.

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