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All info below is about the 2018 event.


Coordinator: Christy Haynes

You must register and pay online. At the event, tables will be set up right outside the main ballroom – straight ahead of the entry doors, where you’ll need to pick up your badge. You must have your badge before taking part in Get Together activities.

Any last minute questions or concerns with registration should be directed to Christy. However, this site has listed every last thing we can think of about registration, so please, check the registration page first.

Find out more about RAGT Registration →


This year we will be at the Marriott in Wester Chester, OH. There are two convenient airport choices: Dayton Airport (DAY) or Cincinnati Airport (CVG). The distance from each is similar. Pricing varies.


Feel free to use the RAGT Facebook page to coordinate with other travelers on rides to and from the DAY airport. However, CVG has a shuttle service.

DRIVERS: If you are able to help transport out-of-town attendees to and from Dayton (DAY) please share that info on the RAGT Facebook page. Be sure to include:

  • Day and time of your arrival to DAY.
  • How many passengers your vehicle will hold(including room for luggage!).

Thank you. Your help with this feat is greatly appreciated.

Ask for assistance ONLY if you are unable to use CVG (Cincinnati) airport and must use DAY. If you post on the FB page, please include the following information:

  • Your flight arrival and departure.
  • How many RAGT attendees are in your party.
  • How many pieces of luggage you will be bringing.
  • Be sure to check back on the page in case anyone offers to help.


Coordinator: Kathy Andrico

Candid photos will be taken throughout the event. In addition, group photos can be arranged with Kathy upon request.

Photos will be made available on our non-chat Yahoo Group:


Coordinators: Beth Eakin O’Neill (aka LadyB), Kaleen Cooper, and Marcie Robinson

The One Way Farm Children’s Home, after 41 years of service, has made the difficult decision to close and will no longer be accepting donations. Given this new information, Lori has decided that this year’s raffle proceeds will be given to the local, no-kill animal shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation. Before the 2019 event, Lori will decide on a new non-profit that benefits children.

If you would like to donate a prize for our raffle, we would be delighted to hear from you! In fact, we MUST hear from you! To ensure we have the appropriate number of raffle tickets, bags, and tables for set-up, we need to know how many raffle prizes to expect.

To notify the Raffle committee about your prize, please fill out the Prize Submission Form. If you need any additional information or have any questions prior to filling out the Prize Submission form, please feel free to email the Raffle Committee, but remember that all prize information needs to be submitted on our nifty little form! You will receive a confirmation email with additional information shortly after clicking “Submit.” If you do not receive the confirmation within 24 hours, please re-submit the form.

Anyone can donate to the raffle!

You  do not have to be registered to donate to the raffle. Every year many generous individuals send in wonderful items that we group with other items to make enticing raffle prizes. But everyone, whether attending or not, must fill out the Prize Submission Form.

PLEASE fill out the form if you even THINK you want to bring a prize, but aren’t sure yet! Every year we have between 20-30 unexpected prizes brought to the event, which are a lovely surprise, but a logistics challenge! We would much rather “over-plan” than “under-plan.”

Thank you all for your generosity. We’re looking forward to the best and most fun raffle yet!!

Goody Bags: Small items

Coordinator: Sabra Harp

Authors, if you’re sending items for the goody bags, please note the following:

  • Send enough pieces for 520 bags.
  • Send items no sooner than April 1.
  • Remember that we are no longer taking paper products. Any paper promo items you have can be handed out during the signing.
  • Deadline for items being shipped to Sabra is May 31st.
  • Magnets must be sent in advance. They’re very time consuming on the day of stuffing.
  • Authors: Books donated to the goody bags will be sent to Lori not Sabra.
    Send no sooner than May 1.
    Be sure you properly label the box for the goody bag.
    Inside the box, please include a note with the title and number of books included.
    Please contact Lori if you plan to send donated books.

We are very grateful for your interest in helping us stuff our fantastic goody bags! Due to the restrictions of our space, we will only be accepting a limited number of volunteers. If you are interested in one of these volunteer positions, click the link below and complete the form for consideration.
Please keep in mind that with over 500 goody bags being stuffed in 2 hours, a very active pace is needed to complete the job before registration opens.
Volunteer Form

Here are some of the Benefit Books from Previous RAGTs:

Where to send stuff:

If you have small items (pens, chapsticks, candies, etc…) you can mail those after April 1 to:

  • Sabra Harp
    8200 North Dilcrest Circle
    Florence, KY 41042

Books that you would like donated to the goody bags should be clearly marked for the goodybag on the outside of the package and mailed after May 1. Including a note inside, with your email address, is very helpful if you want confirmation of receipt!

All Authors, whether attending the event or not, are welcome to supply books for the goody bags! We will stuff 520 bags, but you can donate as few as 50 books and we will mix them into the bags. No used books.
Books should be sent to:

  • Lori Foster
    P. O. Box 854
    Ross, OH 45061

Ready to send in your Goody Bag items?
Okay, but PLEASE note the “not before” delivery dates so you don’t overwhelm the volunteers. Thanks.

Once we stuff the goody bags, no one will be permitted to add items to it, so please plan ahead!

Welcome Committee

Coordinators: Wendi Zwaduk, Jocie McKade and Cheryl Dragon

Is this your first time to the Get Together? Do you have questions? Maybe you’re a little nervous? Don’t be! Our awesome welcoming committee is here to ensure you have the very best time possible. You’re never alone at the #RAGT17!
Feel free to contact us anytime!

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