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Information for #RAGT21

Updated January 11, 2021:

This page will have the most up-to-date information regarding the RAGT21 cancelation, and hopefully RAGT22 information.
  • The Ohio governor has made it clear that group events are still discouraged, and many people are still concerned about getting together, so it is with a heavy heart that I must cancel RAGT21.
  • My plan is to carry over to RAGT22, so everyone currently set up for this year will be ready to go for next year. (There will be about 100 reader spots available in 2022.)
  • I'll post info on how to get my 2021 benefit book as soon as possible. Remember, all proceeds from the limited print sales go to benefit the Animal Adoption Foundation.
  • Something to remember for 2022 - I'll be switching over to PayPal payments only. Refunding for 2020 taught me that I must simplify.
  • In the meantime, please resist emailing me unless absolutely necessary.
  • IMPORTANT: No new arrangements will be considered for 2022 at this time.

Look What We Did! Wow!

Lori with representatives from CancerFree KIDS at their Loveland, OH location

$32,000.00 went to CancerFree KIDS

Thanks to an amazing raffle and generous attendees, we donated a record-shattering $32,000 to CancerFree KIDS!

Lori with her two youngest grandsons and AAF director, Eric Johnson

$2,000.00 went to the Animal Adoption Foundation, a local no-kill animal shelter.

Through direct print sales of BOONE at the event, we were able to donate $2,000 to the Animal Adoption Foundation!
They already received the advance for the book, and sales will grow as proceeds for digital copies also go to them.

$1,236.40 went to the Conductive Learning Center.

Each year, Barnes and Noble donates a portion of the bookfair proceeds to the Conductive Learning Center. This year they’ll get a check, directly from BN, for $1,236.40.

How did it go?

Thank you to all! The 15th annual Reader & Author Get Together was a huge success! Check out photos and more RAGT19 →

RAGT19’s benefit book was BOONE — and you can continue to support the cause by ordering it. Thanks!

Thanks to these #RAGT20 sponsors:


Here are some of the Benefit Books from Previous RAGTs:

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