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Information for RAGT19

Updated June 12, 2018:

  • General Registration for RAGT19 will happen on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 1PM Eastern time. Be sure to like our Facebook page in the meantime!
  • Until then, Lori will be working on selecting sponsors for the event. Authors who are interested in sponsoring, please fill out the 2019 Sponsorship Interest Form. Sponsoring authors will register in January and that list will be shared on the site.
  • 2018 was our biggest event yet, with more attendees participating in every meal and party, and more non-registered readers coming in for the “open to the public” signings. It was an amazing, wonderful crush – maybe a little too crushed – so we’ll be cutting back slightly on the number of attending authors. We encourage authors who are interested in attending to fill out the sponsorship form right away.

More updates to come in the fall. Until then, Lori is busy writing. Thanks!

Look What We Did! Wow!

RAGT 2018 was a huge success

$28,500 to the Animal Adoption Foundation

This year at #RAGT18 we were able to donate a record shattering $28,500 to the Animal Adoption Foundation!

How did it go?

Thank you to all! The 14th annual Reader & Author Get Together was a huge success! Check out photos and more RAGT18 →

RAGT18’s benefit book was Tucker — and you can continue to support the cause by ordering it. Thanks!

Thanks to these #RAGT18 sponsors:


Here are some of the Benefit Books from Previous RAGTs:

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