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Updated June 10, 2024:

Thanks for a fantastic event!

Look What We Did! Wow!

Lori and a representative from CancerFree KIDS

$36,000.00 went to CancerFree KIDS

The AMAZING raffles at #RAGT23 raised $35,437 for CancerFree KIDS – and we rounded it up for an awesome donation of $36,000! To every reader & author who donated a raffle basket, THANK YOU! To every attendee who bought a raffle ticket, you’re THE BEST!

Lori and a representative from the Animal Adoption Foundation.

$2000.00 went to the Animal Adoption Foundation, a local no-kill animal shelter.

Through direct print sales of BRAY, we were able to donate $2,000 to the Animal Adoption Foundation! The Animal Adoption Foundation already received the advance for the book, and sales will grow as proceeds for digital copies also go to them.

How did it go?

Thank you to all! The 2023 Reader & Author Get Together was a huge success!

RAGT23’s benefit book was BRAY — and you can continue to support the cause by ordering it. Thanks!

Thanks to these #RAGT24 sponsors:


Here are some of the Benefit Books from Previous RAGTs:

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