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Information for #RAGT20

Updated March 3, 2020:

Updates of information will occur more frequently now that registration is open.

Look What We Did! Wow!

Lori with representatives from CancerFree KIDS at their Loveland, OH location

$32,000.00 went to CancerFree KIDS

Thanks to an amazing raffle and generous attendees, we donated a record-shattering $32,000 to CancerFree KIDS!

Lori with her two youngest grandsons and AAF director, Eric Johnson

$2,000.00 went to the Animal Adoption Foundation, a local no-kill animal shelter.

Through direct print sales of BOONE at the event, we were able to donate $2,000 to the Animal Adoption Foundation!
They already received the advance for the book, and sales will grow as proceeds for digital copies also go to them.

$1,236.40 went to the Conductive Learning Center.

Each year, Barnes and Noble donates a portion of the bookfair proceeds to the Conductive Learning Center. This year they’ll get a check, directly from BN, for $1,236.40.

How did it go?

Thank you to all! The 15th annual Reader & Author Get Together was a huge success! Check out photos and more RAGT19 →

RAGT19’s benefit book was BOONE — and you can continue to support the cause by ordering it. Thanks!

Thanks to these #RAGT20 sponsors:


Here are some of the Benefit Books from Previous RAGTs:

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