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The activities in the boardrooms were once again a big hit and the sponsored meals were very much appreciated by reader attendees. In 2016 we’ll be offering those again – but they’ll be done a little differently. If you’re interested in being a sponsor, please join the Twitter feed offered on the site so you’ll know when I start organizing things for the next event.

Additionally, everyone should sign up for the RAGT Announcement Newsletter, which will — at the very least — alert you as to when you can expect the 2016 registration to open (in March!).

Having NO paper in the goody bags makes things much easier, so we’ll continue to stick with that. Authors may choose to hand out bookmarks or postcards from their signing tables. Goody bag inclusion will be reserved for other promo items – like water bottles, candy, magnets, cups, etc… Whatever you want as long as it fits our parameters and isn’t paper. (With very few exceptions, because sometimes it’s just necessary.)

Thank you!