Payment Options (with conditionals)

You can pay by check or via PayPal. Thanks.

Make a Secure Payment Through PayPal:

  • Before you pay for your registration via PayPal, you must have your UNIQUE ID at the ready. If you pay for your registrations without entering that ID#, you’re just donating money to the cause.
  • Enter your Registration ID number in the appropriate box below, and then click the corresponding button pay for your registration.



Paying for multiple registrants in a single transaction:

To pay for multiple registrants in a single transaction without causing Lori problems (since she personally processes registration) please follow the above directions and when you get to the Shopping Cart, click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button. You will be brought back here, where you can enter in a new ID number (for either status), click the pay button, and be brought back to your shopping cart, which should still contain your previous registration line item. In short, you may pay for more than one registrant via PayPal, but must put each registrant’s RAGT ID# on the Paypal form itself — not doing so risks invalidating the registration.

If you are paying by check:

Please write checks:
75 (per READER/BLOGGER/OTHER registrant)
out to Lori Foster, noting the corresponding Registration ID number(s) on the memo line, and send to:

Lori Foster
P.O. Box 854
Ross, OH 45061